Organisations around the world turn to mindfulness to transform their individual and collective wellbeing. Research proves that the biggest cause of long-term absenteeism in the work-place is chronic stress. Mindfulness training is a powerful intervention that protects employees from the destructive effects of stress. The practice enables people to gain a better understanding of themselves and others, which this helps to build emotional resilience, intelligence and creativity and a deeper engagement at work.

Workplace Mindfulness

Helping employees manage their mental wellbeing is just one of the benefits of mindfulness. Regular practice enhances ‘self-management’. This enables individuals to better manage themselves, their work and their relationships. It unlocks creativity and clarity of thought and improves focus and efficiency.

Wellness solutions

Offering wellbeing solutions to your leaders, managers and employees will support the continuation of growth and sustainability within your company.

We deliver mindfulness programs adapted to your specific needs, from four to eight week courses. We also offer workshops and our popular Corporate Mind Wellness Days, which involve a day of educational talks on the neuroscience of the mind, ‘attention training’, nutrition for a healthy mind and mind/body movement.

Mindfulness assists the individual in achieving their personal and professional goals, by creating balance, calm, awareness, creativity, kindness and compassion.

Support your workforce by engaging in their wellbeing and get in touch with us to find out how Mindful Guernsey can work with your organisation.

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