Qigong and Taichi trains the mind, body, breath and energy, and both provide a solid foundation in ‘mindful movement’. They are part of Mindful Guernsey’s core movement programme, which also includes Yoga, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation, Somatic movement and the Internal Arts of Bagua and XingYi.

Currently there are no evening TaiChi/ Qigong Classes.

Strength in body and mind

Regular practice brings strength to all the systems of the body. Qigong and Taichi Chuan can be the sole focus of your physical training or they can enhance or counter-balance other sports or rehabilitation regimes.

More than movement

The practice of mindful movement has many benefits, for both mind and body, these include:

  • Stronger posture
  • Increased balance
  • More energy
  • Mobile and flexible joints

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