Improve the strength and flexibility of your body and mind, develop your concentration and focus, and attain emotional and physical stability. The practice of yoga has a myriad of benefits for the whole being.

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Movement can lead to stillness

Mindful Guernsey teaches Pranayama (breathing practices) Yoga Asana (postures), and meditation. We aim for you to bring what you learn on the mat into your daily life. Through the practice of yoga you will find some inner peace in this frantic world.

Hatha Yoga is renowned for helping you to tune in and switch to a new level of physical and mental awareness. You will get to know your habitual patterns of reaction, see how we judge ourselves and others and learn to be more accepting of where you are in the present moment. All this then enables you to create a platform for transformation both physically and mentally.

Yoga for all

Everyone can benefit from practicing yoga Mindful Guernsey offers a variety of classes. We take great care in ensuring that every student has individual correction and attention by maintaining smaller classes and two teachers.

We teach:

  • Hatha Yoga Fundamentals this class is ideal for beginners and experienced students
  • General Hatha Yoga for those who have had some experience of yoga practice
  • Restorative yoga, which is a form of ‘active relaxation’
  • Yoga Nidra – deep relaxation where the mind is in a state between sleep and wakefulness

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