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  • Warrior Practice: Joint Longevity Prt 2

    This course Bulletproof your Joints starts today Tuesday 5th September 2017. You can book your place by going to www.mindfulguernsey.com “Force is the language of cells.  Whether those forces are applied by external means by way of soft tissue therapy application, or internal means by way of active muscle contraction and movement, the cells ultimately […]

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  • Warrior Practise: Dragon & Tiger Prt 2

    What is the most effective way to learn the layers of Dragon and Tiger? Dragon and Tiger is a meridian-line Qi-Gong, and sometimes called “medical” Qi-Gong here in the West. This means that it works primarily with flows in your meridian-system, and in this case mostly with the Eight Extraordinary Meridians. In the beginning you […]

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  • Warrior Practice: Joint Longevity Prt 1

    Joint mobility and active range control allows movements that were once difficult, to become easy Those of us that are familiar with practicing certain arts such as Systema Martial arts, Chinese Internal Martial arts, Qigong and Yoga will have come across joint mobility and longevity practices or at least be familiar with the term. So […]

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  • Mindlab: Breathwork & Hypertension

    In this blog we are going to explore the science of a specific Yogic breathing practice called Nadi Sodhana – purification of the nerves (Also known as alternate nostril cleansing). In our last breathwork blog we looked at the science behind regulating the breath and how it affected Heart Rate Variability and increased Vagal Tone. Now […]

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  • Warrior Practise: Dragon & Tiger Prt 1

    People are born soft and supple. Yet they die hard and rigid. All things, the plants and trees are born soft and tender, and die withered and dry. Thus the hard and rigid are companions of death. The soft and supple are companions of life. (Laozi 76) Suitable for any age or fitness level, Dragon and […]

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  • Warrior Practice: Settling into Silence

    At Mindful Guernsey we often use the word “settling” in our teachings around yoga and meditation. Settling of the mind into silence is not achieved by stopping or forcing an end to something. Rather, it is a gentle incremental process whereby what is restless comes to settle of its own accord. Settling, or to settle, […]

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  • Mindlab: The Father of Mindfulness

    An interview with Jon Kabat-Zinn, creator of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. If any one person has helped shepherd the word “mindfulness” into the American mainstream and make meditation the kind of thing that scientists and doctors take seriously, it’s Jon Kabat-Zinn. Back in 1979, he introduced the world to what would become Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), […]

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  • Warrior Practise: Setting Your Intention

    Something I have worked with over the years of practicing Yoga and Meditation is Intention. Intention forms the invisible scaffolding that gives structure and specificity to our efforts in Yoga practice, meditation and life. Intention brings meaning and purposeful direction to all that we embark on. Intention setting is used in many traditions to help […]

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  • Warrior Practise: Deepen your Yoga Practice through Awareness

    When practicing yoga asana, ask yourself, where is my mind? This question should be visited time and time again while we practice. All too often our minds are somewhere other than with the sensations arising from the body, and those which accompany the breath, which is continuously arising and passing through us. Minds are often […]

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