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  • Yogi Warrior: Mindful Sea Swimming

    Sea swimming can be exhilarating, scary, awesome and rather chilly at times. Emotions, thoughts and sensations can flood our experience, sometimes affecting our stroke and even our mood, turning what starts out to be a delightful swim into one that is not going our way. With a shift in attention swimming can transform from an […]

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  • Yogi Warrior: Attention Revolution!

    Workplace Mindfulness Work life has changed radically over the past few decades. We now have more distractions than ever, such as open plan work spaces, mobile phones, tablets, emails, and texts, which can all place constant demands on our attention. We could all agree that the quality of our life is directly connected with where […]

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  • Yogi Warrior: Sit Like a Mountain

    “All of man’s difficulties are caused by his inability to sit, quietly, in a room by himself.” –  Blaise Pascal In the field of meditation a popular practice is one of meditating upon the body as a Mountain. Some practices facilitate the use if visualization and imagery and others more of a sense of just […]

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  • Yogi Warrior: Death & Dying

    A little while ago, we attended a 2-day workshop with our meditation teacher about “Spiritual Care in Death and Dying”. Some of you may ask why? Why indeed! Most of our lives are spent not really talking about death until it arrives at our doorstep. It may be a family member or a close friend […]

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  • Yogi Warrior: Being With Fear

    PART 2 – When restlessness sets in, any distraction is accepted so we don’t have to feel what’s really there. We have to just be honest and except that fear is perhaps lurking in everything we do. Our lack of mindfulness, alongside constant distraction, is what stops us from seeing that it is there. We […]

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  • Yogi Warrior: Being with Fear

    Acknowledging fear is not a cause for concern or worry. Very easily said, but not so easily practiced. It may help to know that since we have such fear we also have the capacity, or potential, for fearlessness. Not the ‘throwing’ out of fear or turning away from it so as not to be judged, […]

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  • Yogi-Warrior: Do One Thing…

    Do One Thing & Do It Well Multitasking is an increasingly popular phenomenon in today’s digital world. Multiple lines of research show, however, it doesn’t really make a person more productive. Even so, people still do it because it makes them feel good, new research suggests. When people try to read and watch TV at […]

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  • Yogi-Warrior: What’s in an Ensō?

    An ensō is known to represent ‘no-mind’ – amongst many other definitions. A state of no-mind is where a person is free from, or at least unhindered by, thoughts and emotions, and whatever else maybe arising, while being completely present in the now. This can be a place from where true creativity can arise. A […]

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  • Yogi-Warrior: Working with Change

    We can spend a great deal of time wishing things to be different, to be better. Maybe there are things about ourselves that we want to change, maybe to stop behaving a certain way, to stop the habit of procrastinating, or the habit of unhelpful thinking or the way we react to certain situations. Sound […]

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  • Yogi-Warrior: Mindfulness and Self-Esteem


    My entire childhood was spent following my sister through various schools. Being 22 months older than me, she was one of the popular girls with whom everyone wanted to be associated with, adoring her and wanting to be friends with her. She was the swan and I was the ugly duckling as one godparent told […]

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