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Meditation Upon the Body – 5 Week Meditation Course

January 10 @ 6:00 pm - 7:15 pm


This 5 week course will be investigation of the meditation on body parts.  This course is suitable for beginners or those who have attended mindfulness course’s or those who just want to explore building a meditation practice.  The course is based on our experience and love of body parts meditation, we have spent years exploring and deepening our understanding of this healing meditation and it is with great pleasure that we get to share this with others thanks to the continuing guidance of our teacher Burgs.

Each week we will practice with a different focus on body parts.  There will be opportunities to discuss the practice and any obstacles that may have been encountered during the practice at the end of the session.  Although we have set the time as an hour for the class there may be times where we go over so be prepared that the class may finish at 7.15pm.

Below is a deeper description of body parts meditation:

Why meditate on the body?

Initially mindfulness upon the body parts was taught by the Buddha to dispel our concepts of attachment to the physical body. When we contemplate the physical body we come to realise that this ‘thing’ we hold in such awe as a thing of beauty and interest will eventually let us down. We may even come to see that there is inherently nothing to be enthralled with or attached to. Of course, there is plenty of fascination there when looking into the body, but not much beauty as we commonly know it.

However, for the purposes of this course, mindfulness upon the body is used to train the mind in order to start to develop certain meditative skill which then assists us should we choose to continue our meditative practice in more advanced areas of study.

Initially it can be tricky to settle the mind within the body and remain with the body for the duration of our practice. So we must start here and learn to make the mind settled and stable upon our body. Gradually you can learn to move through the body without distraction, paying attention to different parts of the body while maintaining concentration and without the need for visualization. This ability to move around the body while maintaining our attention within it can be a hugely restful and healing experience to both body and mind. It also helps to make the mind more malleable and develops mental muscle for more advanced meditative practices such as mindfulness of feeling.

Working with the body also helps us to develop a certain degree of structure and discipline with regards to our practice. We learn to work in an organized manner in order to build skill gradually and effectively, rather than working haphazardly which not only diminishes our enthusiasm for practice but yields very little understanding of what we are doing and why.

As we learn to pay attention and develop concentration upon a variety of objects within the body, body parts can help spark our interest for practice especially for those who feel a little bogged down by long bouts of anapana – breath meditation. Furthermore, and this is the most important point, as our concentration deepens, we learn to distinguish that what we are paying attention to is the ‘body’, and it is different to paying attention to ‘feeling’. Normally the two are tightly bound and it is hard to distinguish. This differentiation is considered an important aspect in developing meditative skill and bringing healing to the mind and body.

“The concentrated mid is thus purified, bright, unblemished, rid of imperfection, malleable, wieldy, steady, and attained to imperturbability.”  – Majjhima Nikaya 100



January 10
6:00 pm - 7:15 pm
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MIndful Guernsey


Cobo Community Centre
Le Guet Guernsey GY5 7PN United Kingdom + Google Map