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Movement Alchemy – Bulletproof your Joints

January 9 @ 6:15 pm - 7:30 pm


‘Stronger, flexible and resilient joints improve every aspect of your life’

Mindful Guernsey Physical Culture continues with practical, easy to use tools for improving joint longevity and joint strength. This is a 5-week course starting January 9th – February 6th 2018.

Everyone is currently telling us that we need to move, and how important it is to move. We get it! But before we start running and swimming around the island it may help to ask, in what way do I want to move? Most of us may simply want a better range of function than our body is currently giving us, which includes rehabilitation, or we are looking to improve what we already do be it sport or leisure activities. So whatever improvement of our capacity we are looking for we may want to start by looking at our joint function. Do your joints have a range of motion that all human joints should express? Are your joints prepared for what you are asking them to do? Do you move and train in a away that aids joint longevity?

Medical scientific literature states that joints are designed to move in order to stay healthy. As soon as joint stops moving, degradation of the joint will occur.

Bulletproofing the joints is about, ‘optimising joint function and creating joint longevity by getting all the joints in your body to work nice’. This is the beginning of getting your body to move well with ease. When you feel good in your body you are more likely to challenge it physically and mentally. When your joints work well then you can start to engage with greater flexibility and strength, and this applies to all rehabilitation, exercise and everyday movement.

Articular rotations or mobility training needs to be carried out every day. This program will equip you with a routine for every joint in the body and can be done in as little as 10minutes. In essence it is a method to improve the health and strength and range of your joints by using key rotational and mobilising movements, which can eventually become your strength training.

Generally mobility is stuff that we do before the main show, like pulling on a band, circling the arms or leaning against a wall and stretching the calf etc. But we redefine mobility as not this type of loosening or light stretching or warming up, which has its use. Mobility here is defined as ‘active rotational movement at the joints outer limit’, and there is a very safe way to achieve this. Bulletproofing the joints is about working in a specific area in a specific way.

This then results in improvement over time in the range, control and strength of the joint, which leads to joint longevity. How does it relate to longevity? The force and direction of the movements actually directs the way that the body develops the tissues that make up the joint. And in addition, the nervous system responds by allowing you to play within that current, and proceeding greater range of motion.

It will improve your joint health and your movement exponentially regardless whether you are an athlete or a gardener or a meditator or just want to play with the kids all day. You will also have the tools to rehab faster from injury in a more specific manner, which is very important for athletes and performers.

We will work through the body systematically and sometimes spend more time on certain areas. Like many whole body practices we will work through:

Wrists and Fingers
Pelvis and hips
Feet and Toes

If you have any injuries or are uncertain whether this course is suitable for your current physical or mental capacity then please do get in touch or make an appointment for an assessment.



I have no-to-limited flexibility and mobility. Can I join this course?

We all need to start somewhere, and many of us start with limited mobility and flexibility. We do however recommend that your body be able to achieve certain ranges of motion to get the most from the course. If you cannot achieve these pre-requisite ranges then be prepared to work very hard or start preparing now before the course begins. Either way, progress will be made in your joint mobility by the end of the course. If you feel you are a long way off the pre-requisite movements then it may be advisable to seek one-to-one training with us to introduce more mobility into your body. The pre-requisite movements will be released shortly. But do expect: full squat with heels down, straight arm lift, no support knee lift, quadruped position (knees off the ground).

I didn’t understand what is the Difference Between Flexibility and Mobility?

Flexibility is a passive range of motion while mobility is an active range of motion. Mobility requires strength to be built and exhibited throughout that full range of motion while opening muscles, joints and connective tissue. It requires that you can control your own body i.e. internal body control.

I have injuries, which I would like to rehabilitate. Can I do this course?

We suggest that you discuss your injuries prior to signing up for the course. If you are currently seeing a doctor regarding your injuries, we recommend that you take advice from your doctor prior to any physical activity. Joint mobility work is excellent for rehabilitation and beyond, but always know your capacity and never work into pain.

Will joint mobility improve what I already do?

Many of us are already flexible and mobile but when we come to do mobility training we find that the joints do not have the range of motion or the strength within the range of motion that we thought. We tend to be good at what we do in limited ranges of movement and can only recruit strength in a habitually limited way, which obstructs performance and progress. So joint mobility will increase overall performance in any sport or practice by allowing the joints and tissues to become more resilient, strong and flexible. This means that strength recruitment, speed, agility, and communication with the nervous system, is more readily available resulting in greater degrees of physical freedom.

How does this course assist joint longevity?

By doing the routine everyday and incorporating it into your existing training.


Yes…Every dam day!

What shall I wear?

If you have a yoga mat please bring one. Wear comfortable clothing/training gear. Prepare to work without training shoes.


See you in class.



January 9
6:15 pm - 7:30 pm
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