Warrior Practice: Settling into Silence

At Mindful Guernsey we often use the word “settling” in our teachings around yoga and meditation. Settling of the mind into silence is not achieved by stopping or forcing an end to something. Rather, it is a gentle incremental process whereby what is restless comes to settle of its own accord.

Settling, or to settle, facilitates a gradual moving into a state that is natural and inherent within us, a returning to our true essence, a continuous release that changes from moment to moment rather than reaching a static end point.

The silence that can arise from settling is something that we can move towards with each out-breath and within each moment where our awareness is truly present with our experience. Within the silence there is stillness. A stillness that is deeply known and felt, a place that is always within us, not something that we hope to achieve or attain, but a returning-to.

Beneath the never ending incessant chatter of our minds this silence and stillness rests. We can sometimes touch on this sense when we visit nature. Those moments when we are just experiencing the “being-ness” of nature. Although on the surface we may feel it is busy and noisy, when we pause to just be with what is present, we get to feel it within us and around us.

We love the metaphor for awareness being like the sky – clear and infinite. No matter what disturbances appear in the sky – clouds, mist, heavy fog, gusty winds, the sky itself remains unchanged. Our journey of settling the mind into silence requires patience, practice and gentleness. It is available to us all, always.

The practice of yoga in all of it’s aspects allows us to return and reconnect us to a settled heart and mind, our essential being.

Happy Practice