Get to know your mind, change the way you respond to challenges and obstacles, and make friends with yourself. Mindfulness helps us to understand why we react in certain ways, and it allows us to see our unhelpful habits. It teaches us to not just react, but to respond.

Mindfulness gives us tools to help manage those times when you feel there’s nowhere to turn. It teaches us to be more compassionate and kind and see the world through not so clouded eyes. These are some of the benefits that regular practice of mindfulness can bring.

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Unlocking mindfulness

At Mindful Guernsey, we define mindfulness as the intention to be fully present and engaged with whatever is happening, as it is happening, free from distraction and judgements.

Each one of us is able to master this skill and it can be achieved through meditation and daily mindful awareness practices. Think of it as training the mind to be calmer, clearer and kinder.

Routes to mindfulness

Mindfulness has benefits for everyone, irrespective of age and occupation.

We provide a variety of mindfulness courses for general wellbeing, chronic illness, early motherhood, corporate wellness and children from the ages of 7 – 17 years’. Mindful Guernsey also offer workshops, day seminars and retreats.

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