Old injuries, pain and tension, annoying aches and long-term body imbalances can all be resolved with Mindful Guernsey’s comprehensive approach to movement therapy.

Enjoy a body that moves with efficiency and performs at greater capacity. Mindful Guernsey will teach you principles that will help you with whatever movement or training exercise you wish to do and will help to reduce the chance of injury.

Our rehabilitation work essentially focuses on strengthening the entire core of the body. Efficient breathing patterns and deep stabilisation of the spine will give you a powerful and flexible body with a very strong alignment. The result is better balance, strength and movement.

Other benefits will include improved shoulder mobility, hip and pelvic balance and a reduction in tightness often felt in the ribcage and chest.

You can continue your one-to-one therapy by joining our classes and courses in Hatha and Restorative Yoga, Qigong, Taichi, DNS Sports Method, or Spinal & Somatic rehabilitation. 

Deep Tissue Bodywork

Anatomy Trains and Kinesis Myofascial Integration (KMI) together form a deep tissue methodology for treating anatomical dysfunction or injury within the body. The treatments restore and correct the posture of the body by freeing or ‘unraveling’ areas of pain, restriction, misalignment and repetitive strain.

It can treat breathing difficulties, frozen shoulder, back and hip pain, feet and leg stiffness and head and neck injury.

Often, the problem has started in a different location to the pain. Therefore, whole body assessment and treatment is taken into consideration as well as treatment of the local area.

Treatments are based on a three-session series. Very rarely is one session enough to understand the injury and re-train the alignment and posture. This work complements our movement therapy work and can be deepened by joining any of our classes.

Nicky and Raj are both qualified by Tom Myers to give the KMI 3-Series sessions.

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