Yogi-Warrior: What’s in an Ensō?

An ensō is known to represent ‘no-mind’ – amongst many other definitions. A state of no-mind is where a person is free from, or at least unhindered by, thoughts and emotions, and whatever else maybe arising, while being completely present in the now. This can be a place from where true creativity can arise. A place often referred to as ‘in the zone’. Creating the ensō circle is often done standing, so as to utilize the entire body for the expression of the brush stroke.

There is a sixth century text that refers to the ensō as a circle of vast space, lacking nothing and holding nothing in excess. Our body and mind has been designed to do just that. To take on what we need and to release what we do not. However, taking on and storing what we don’t need, like stress and other forms of mental suffering, and not being able to let go of much, is becoming more and more noticeable in our lives.

MinEnso-02dful Guernsey embraces the ensō, within the logo, as the manifestation of each ordinary moment as it arises from within the individual, and being able to be with everything in that moment, just as it is – whether in the middle of drawing the ensō in one stroke, or, being with your experience, inside and outside, just as it is – in this moment, and the next one…and the next one…

The open ensō expresses the remembrance that we are not separate, or self contained, from all that is; rather, perhaps we are a part of something greater. And even though at times in our lives we all do feel part of something greater, it is so easily over-looked time and again, and even forgotten, as we smother ourselves in self-importance.

So, as you Yogi Warriors brush your teeth and stare at the ensō taped to the bathroom mirror, maybe you can reflect: perhaps, today, I can stop striving for perfection and allow everything to be as it is. Abandon the idea that soon you will arrive at your goal in your practice. And if you do believe that the final destination has been found, let the ensō remind you to start again exactly at the point where you are right now and to embrace and enjoy your unique experience of life’s journey.


Happy Practice – to all practitioners everywhere.